Quantum Molecule



Welcome to the new era — QUANTUM MOLéCULE is composed to elaborate the nature surrounding you. Taking in account how the olfactory senses work -feelings and scents memory, the vibration of the molecules and the lock and key theory of how we persieve scents and what it does to our subconsciousness, and how we react to scents.

The deep love I have for nature and how scents can embrace our minds in memories and often long forgotten feelings and emotions we have forgotten, to suddenly remember it all to a specific scent.

TOP NOTES :: South Sicilian Bergamot — Mandarin — Pineapple — Danish Blackcurrant — Apple

MID NOTES :: Jasmin — Turkish Rose Abselou — Patchouli — White Woods

BASE NOTES :: Vanilla — Chocolate — White Sensual Musk — Dreamwood

Accessorized with super tiny molecules in the top notes that burst and vibrates within 10 seconds. Super heavy molecules in the Base, that needs energy to evaporate a molecular weight above 270 so they can be hard to detect, but linger as a second skin layer and has a very sensual scent — and beautifies your own skin scent.

Enjoy the power of QUANTUM MOLéCULE perfume compounding and how the human mind works.


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