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The MARMACLUB Beaded Loop Link Baguette is a 100% handmade Chaquira beaded beauty. Featuring a 4 loop linked strap, this bag is made by carefully selected artisans who put their heart and soul into each piece they craft. Beaded in Guatemala with about 60.000 small first class glass beads, this piece takes almost a week to produce by hand.

The magic combination of this piece? It’s our classic Norwegian design combined with the heritage of Latin American Chaquira beading. Each bag is composed of beautiful glass beads bound together with tough nylon cord.

This Marma flaunts a looped link strap, first class metal zipper and metal supportive hardware. The strap is the main difference from its sister, the Chaquira Chain Strap bag. A little longer and more discrete, its retro-chic, playful, and entirely one of a kind. Made to be your precious and functional companion all year round.

SIZE DETAILS: 24 cm wide, 15cm high, 50 cm strap, weight 450g

LINING: 100% Polyester Satin

HARDWARE: Metal zipper, metal connector from chain to baguette pouch, color gold.

Every bag is carefully handmade over days with the artisans dream of its future with you. Glass beads are durable and if kept away from sharp and heavy objects and stored in a dry place with no direct sun, your Marma will last forever….

Handmade items may have slight variations in size.

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